Trail Running Shoe Review: Salomon Supercross Blast GTX®

Morning! Happy Sunday.

I’m sitting at my kitchen island with a cup of coffee in front of me debating whether I should run or ride today. I’m learning towards a run; I’ve felt so uninspired by cycling lately. I went for a ride yesterday in the most gorgeous sunshine…because I felt like I had to. Because I felt some sort of invisible pressure to stay in cycling shape. But I wanted to be done the second I pulled out of my driveway.

So, I’m not going to force rides if it doesn’t sound fun. We’ll just ride the running wave until I don’t want to look at my sneakers and then get back on the bike.

*Ok, self pep talk over.*

This morning, I wanted to just get my thoughts out about the Salomon trail shoes I’ve been running in because my first go-round with Salomon didn’t…go so well. Let’s go.

A couple years ago I was introduced to Salomon through the Salomon Sense Ride. It’s a more comfortable trail running shoe with cushioning and tread that transitions nicely from road to trail. At first, I really liked it because I could run right from my front door on pavement to the trails and feel comfortable on most any surface; soft on sidewalk and grippy on trails.

But after a couple months, I started feeling pain on the tops of my feet. I loosened the laces a bit figuring that was my problem, but the pain persisted and eventually I had to stop running for a couple weeks. I was so bummed. It had to be the shoes because I’d never encountered a problem like that with any other shoe.

After my foot healed up, I bought another pair of Salmon Sense Rides figuring maybe the problem was me or that they wore out quickly? Maybe I’d run too far in them too early? Unfortunately, the same foot pain returned several months into wearing the second pair of Sense Rides.

I had no other choice but to ditch them and find a new pair. I think I rotated between Nike and Brooks for a while. That whole saga was maybe two years ago.

Fast forward to Christmas 2020. My dad loves getting me running shoes—whether I ask for them or not—and he surprised me with a pair of Salomon Supercross Blas GTX trail shoes. They’re much heftier than the Sense Ride; more structure, more weatherproofing, more and bigger lugs.

I was hesitant because of my drama with Salomon in the past, but I figured I’d give them a go again. The Supercross is a different model and made for different things.

So far, I’ve easily put more than 50 miles on them and feel confident writing up a short review based on what I’ve felt so far.  

Sizing: In my experience, Salomon sizing is all over the place. My normal shoe size is 9, but I wore an 8 in the Sense Ride and I’m wearing an 8.5 in the Supercross. Because of that, it’s kind of tough to buy Salomon online because I feel like I can’t figure out a consistent size across the brand. Not a huge deal, but sort of annoying.

Overall fit: Narrow AF. I have slightly wider feet, so I have been noticing some pinching on my right foot. It almost feels like a hot spot when I run, which can get uncomfortable if I have to take more pavement than trails on a run. I noticed the same sort of fit with the Sense Ride.

Support: For a more aggressive trail running shoe, I was actually surprised at the amount of cushion I feel on pavement. When I pulled them out of the box, I figured these would live in my car and I’d put them on at the trailhead to avoid any paved surfaces, but they offer a surprising balance of cushion and support on both road and trail, especially in the heel.

Traction/grip: These are pretty grabby, which I expected, but was also surprised at the difference between my smooth-bottomed Hoka shoes and these trail shoes with deep lugs from heel to toe. I noticed that on trails with a bit of incline, my toes have no trouble grabbing onto the dirt without any slippage, which is nice.

Lacing: This is my third pair of Salomon shoes with this lacing system and I can confidently say: I don’t love it. I feel like they put pressure on my foot in a weird and intense way. I do like that the laces are so adjustable and easy to tighten/loosen with the cincher, but the thin “wire” laces seem to cause sharper pain and pressure because they don’t lay flat across the foot like traditional laces do.

Heel counter: Very into the higher heel counter. I really feel like my foot sits lower in the shoe and that it feels more secure with every step.

Toe box: Since the footprint is a bit on the narrow side, I do feel like my pinky toes get a tiny bit squished, however, the rest of the toe box offers plenty of room, and I haven’t had any issues.

Material: Big winner. This shoe is totally weather- and waterproof. I went on an 7-miler a couple weekends ago in deep snow, my shoes were totally covered, and my feet stayed warm and dry. The material is one of the things I love the most about the Supercross.

Ok, well I think that’s about it for this shoe. If any runners read this and were thinking about trying out the Supercross, I hope this helps. I am not loyal to one brand, so I love trying out different shoes—there are so many on the market these days.

I’m curious to know what you wear on the run in different conditions. Happy running!

One Reply to “Trail Running Shoe Review: Salomon Supercross Blast GTX®”

  1. I don’t run anymore, unless it’s a very slow jog on my treadmill, but I am devoted to my Vibram Five Fingers. I actually bought a pair of Brooks Adrenaline shoes recently (I DO NOT recommend going from zero drop to a 12drop) because I thought maybe it would be better for my knees…no.

    I wore them a couple times and they hurt my feet soso bad. So…running and jogging will forever be minimalist. I do love the traction on these Salmons though.

    I’m glad you aren’t pushing the riding or running. It’s so important to only do these activities when we truly want to. Burn out is so real.

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