Capital C COLD weather running + gear sales

5:06 a.m.

I can’t sleep and the coffee is ready anyway. Here we go.

This isn’t the weather channel over here, but I just need everyone to know it’s 2* outside right now in Louisville, Colorado. It is 2* with a Feels Like of -9* and a high for the day of 14*. I might cry.

I miss you, summer.

I’m sitting here like I’m shocked and completely taken by surprise when I’ve actually been watching refreshing The Weather Channel website every 20 minutes to make sure my eyes weren’t seeing things and to will Saturday’s forecast into at least the 20s, but alas, Saturday looks even more brutal than today.
In anticipation of this cold weather, I did exactly what I said I wasn’t going to do in my past post: run in freezing cold weather. I wanted to get in some miles while I could ahead of this cold front, so I on Wednesday and Thursday, I sucked it up and layered as best as I could for two coooold morning runs in 14* and 12* respectively.

On Wednesday, I wore two pairs of pants, two long sleeve base layers, one puffy down jacket, a pair of wool socks, a headband, and the thickest gloves I could find. As it turned out, I completely overheated in all that and paid for it halfway through my run. My shirts underneath my jacket were drenched in sweat and cold air started getting in, which froze my core. Cold sweat is the enemy out here.

I learned my lesson, so on Thursday, I pared things down a bit and wore one pair of pants, one short sleeve base layer, one long sleeve base layer, one puffy down jacket, wool socks, a headband and gloves. I was still sweating a bit, but nothing like Wednesday. And suddenly, I learned that running in mid-teens degree weather was…still enjoyable. For some reason, I think I had a really bad experience several years ago and convinced myself that anything below 19* or 20* was off limits for outdoor activities.
But back to the 2* that is right now: that’s a big nope. It’s going to be a trainer ride for me later this morning.

Are we getting Justin Timberlake frosted tips vibes?

What’s your cold weather running limit?

And finally, gear sales!

Since it is a holiday weekend, I’ve been getting sale emails from tons of outdoor brands and I’m fighting every urge to buy all the things, which is made even more difficult by being cooped up in my place with nothing to do. In case you’re in a spendy mood, here are some of my favorite brands offering great deals right now:

Sorel is having a 40% off sale

Topo Designs gear is up to 70% off !!! (I ordered this jacket and LOOOOVE it)

REI’s winter clearance is up to 50% off

Oiselle’s sale is 25% off (I ordered these tights in black; can’t wait to get them!)

Work plug…Crocs are up to 60% off!!

Backcountry gear is up to 50% off

Toms sale is up to an extra 60% off

Nordstrom Rack is having an extra 25% off clearance

Get up to 60% off at L.L.Bean (I am dying for fleeces and duck boots!)

Literally no deals on Life is Good, but their sleepwear is THE BEST… lol

OMFG now I’ve gone down a rabbit hole and I think I need these yellow rain boots. I need these rain boots, right?

Jack Rabbit is having up to 40% off shoes

Have a great weekend! Do something fun for me.

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