Life Lately: Moving to Denver?

5:43 a.m.

Oh, good morning. Happy Monday. Another Monday…

We’re still doing the early morning thing around here, and it is my new favorite routine. I’ve got my giant cup of coffee next to me and my dimmer lights on low. Those are probably the best thing about my place; they glow really softly on their lowest setting and are a slow and cozy way to wake up.  

Anyway, I had no problem waking up early this morning because last night I had a dream that Keith Urban designed a limited-edition line of tie-dye shirts for lululemon. They were red and white, and actually pretty cool; I would’ve bought one.

The night before that I had a dream that I loaned Hilary Duff a bunch of books. She was wearing a really cool crop top outfit that I was really jealous of.
Another night I had a dream about my ex. We were standing in an amphitheater and he asked me to go somewhere with him, but I can’t recall where. I remember closing my eyes in the dream, clenching my fists, and wishing out loud that I wasn’t dreaming about this. That he’d walked back into my life for good.

And then I woke up.

I’ve had very bizarre and vivid dreams since I’ve been back in Colorado, and I’m having trouble deciding whether this is normal and they’re the result of very deep sleep, or that all my early mornings have short circuited something up there and Keith Urban’s new activewear line is just the beginning? Will keep you updated.

Either way, between all that weirdness and the horrible things happening at the Capitol last week, I feel like I’ve just been trying to stay busy to put my mind somewhere else for a little bit. My favorite place to do that is on the trails. We had some pretty cold temperatures this weekend, so no riding for me. Instead, I took my new Salomon shoes out for a couple snowy trail runs. I LOVE them so far; I don’t think any other trail shoe has kept my feet as dry and warm as this pair. The only downside is they’re pretty narrow.  

I listened to a bunch of podcasts, too. (Wow, shocker!) Here are a few good ones:

Strength Running Podcast: Noah Droddy on Rapid Improvement and Engineering Your Next Performance Breakthrough

Rich Roll + Bryan Fogel

Rich Roll + Rich Diviney

Last week, I caught this sunrise during an earlier run before work. The horizon glowed an almost neon yellow, then with every second, the sky turned bright orange and hot pink as the sun rose. Eventually the whole sky and the clouds glowed orange and yellow; I had to stop a couple times just to stare up at them.

When I get home from my runs, I’m usually in the mood for something warm, so last week I made this oatmeal almost every day. I get so sad when I’m done because it’s so, so good.

To the pot, I add oats, water, almond milk, ground flax, and fresh berries (sometimes fresh strawberries and sometimes frozen mixed berries) and the secret ingredient that pulls everything together is a pinch of salt. Try it! It really brings out the flavor of everything. Normally, I drizzle peanut butter with honey over top, but I ran out earlier last week.

Speaking of food! I made a few new recipes last week and didn’t take photos of any of them because 1) they were gone before I had a chance, and 2) they are not very photogenic. Here they are:

Easy Tuna Patties

Vegan Cheese Sauce

Meatballs (but I used Turkey) – remember the meatballs?

On Sunday, I took a drive down to Denver. The sun was shining all nice and the temperatures warmed up enough to make walking outside enjoyable, and it reminded me of the last time I walked along the water with my mom. That was a good day, and I already miss her.

The more I visit Denver—specifically the Highlands neighborhood—the more I really love it. I miss having a bigger city nearby like I did in Tampa; I miss the business and the variety of people. And, in a weird way, Denver and the people there, just feels like it has its shit together.

And I want to have my shit together.

Driving back to Louisville last night, for the first time, I felt like I shouldn’t be living there. I felt like maybe I’d like to live there one day, but only when I have a husband or a family; when I’ve quote settled down.

When I’m not quote looking. You know?

I don’t know if I’m making sense, but Denver felt right for the stage of life I’m in right now: busy, younger, diverse, active, etc. I looked at some places last night just for fun. The only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger is nearly all my friends live in the Boulder area. Three years ago, I built my life here, in an eight-mile radius of where I’m sitting right now, and I’m afraid to uproot myself from that.

6:40 a.m.

Just checked the weather and YIKES, it’s 15*F outside right now. Looks like it might be a trainer ride for me this morning. I can’t wait for summer.

Have a lovely week. What was your favorite thing about this past weekend?

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